We are energy.  All that exists is energy.  Everything, everybody has a frequency.  It is why there are sounds that please us and sounds that disturb us; it has to do with the frequency.  Several months back I experienced a process where tuning forks of varying sizes where activated and placed on multiple points on my body.  It was wild; the effect of these tuning forks, frequencies.  There was a feeling, an awareness of coming into balance; of all irritation being stilled.  If someone had told me about this process and what it does, I would have laughed internally and changed the subject, but “the proof is in the pudding.”

Positive thoughts and emotions emit a certain frequency.  Negative thoughts and emotions emit a different frequency from positive.  We emit “vibes.”  Negative is attracted to negative, positive to positive.

It is super, ridiculously cold here.  I leave the house way before the sun rises for work each weekday morning.  On Monday of this week, I got into my freezing cold car and started up the engine.  My little car whined but started; poor thing was freezing cold after all.  I had a hood pulled over my head to keep as much of my body heat from escaping as possible.  With my hood up my peripheral vision was compromised  and I got the driver’s side of my car much too close to the garage door frame.  A terrible sound came next.  Got out of my car and there on the ground laid the cover for over my wheel well.  I was not a happy camper at that moment.  Picked up the fender and put it inside the garage.  Got back in my car thinking, “Great, this is going to be a fabulous day!”, said with total negativity.  Then I stopped myself and decided to stop that negative thought and replace it with gratitude.  I began listing all that I am grateful for and the turmoil (frequency) that was brewing inside of me stopped/changed and I came to a place of peace.  The rest of my day I was peaceful and nothing else bad/negative happened.  What if I had not chosen to stop my negative thoughts after the car incident?  Want to take a guess at what my day may have looked like then?  I would imagine that negative would have attracted more negative and it would not have been a particularly pleasant day.

We have a brand new year just a day away.  How about taking gratitude into 2018?  How about 2018 being a year of gratitude?  Wake each morning with the words, “Thank you”.  As you get ready for each day, think or say out loud, those things/people/events for which you are grateful.  I promise you that gratitude will create in each of us a frequency that emits peace and wholeness and attracts all that is positive into our lives.

2017 was the absolute worst year of my life but it has led me to 2018 which is to be the best year of my life.  Want to join me in gratitude?AF2F4974-AE5A-4FD4-B034-3A0623974FEA