I am changing the direction of this blog.  It has been a year of extreme change in my life; difficult, life wrenching painful change that demanded my willingness to see and learn things outside of what I had previously been willing to receive.

My God is bigger now…limitless.  I have learned so many things that my previous devout Christian self would have labeled as heretical but I am learning is not against the Author of all but expanding into all that is the Creator.  So with that said I am giving you permission here and now to stop following my blog if this new direction makes you uncomfortable and I promise to not have my feelings hurt.  We are all in different places at different times.

A new day has dawned.  I have opened a door that was outside of my old vision and I feel a deep down call to share that journey of discovery.  Bottom line is that it is ALL about love.  Do’s and Don’ts are out the door.  Life should be directed through love not a list of what to do and not to do.  Love above all else


3 thoughts on “Change

  1. I give Thanks …. My Heart is Full …. Welcome Sister!
    In the Oneness of “ALL THAT IS” … I GIVE THANKS.
    With each expansion, like a death and rebirth of understanding, we see more clearly. God is limitless Love, and we are ALL ONE.

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