The Journey Continues

On a recent visit to my therapist she had me take a test that reveals the types and amount of stressors in my life.  There were about 43 questions and depending on the answer given there was a numerical value.  The chart topped out at 300; my stress level was well over 500.  Yep, it is amazing that I am just not puzzle pieces exploded all over the house.  God of grace in action for sure.  It is a severe roller coaster ride and I have NEVER liked roller coasters!

So what am I beginning to learn.  When anxiety raises its nasty head, I need to address it immediately and prevent it from escalating.  Once anxiety goes into panic anxiety the body chemistry is throw all out of whack and it depletes the body and then I am two, three, four steps backwards once again.  Depression/anxiety is such a slow, steep climb.  Please share with me your remedies for battling anxiety/depression.   Let’s open up that conversation.

I appreciate all that you have to say and share.  Let’s be that community that pulls together.

Joy and Peace,


4 thoughts on “The Journey Continues

  1. Lately I have been pushing myself out of my comfort zone to exercise no less than 3 times a week. Often when spending that much time doing “something for me” i come home feeling guilt and anxiety because there is so much here that needs to be done. But it seems to be helping a bit…

    1. Exercise is a big key in helping us to get our of our head and it works to change our body chemistry. I have yet to get into a regular exercise routine. I know I have to do that; I have seldom been able to force myself yet but it is in my game plan. Again, I will say that guilt is the enemy to mental health. In order to heal, we must protect ourselves; it is a choice that we have to make or else we will never get out of that pit.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this Kay. I too suffer with anxiety, stress and depression, and also guilt because I feel ungrateful for my blessings when these feelings take over.

    1. Guilt should play no role in our struggle because we are not choosing to be anxious, depressed, stressed. Until I experienced true depression, not being depressed, I had no understanding of what the chemistry in our bodies can do to us. What we are experiencing is not in our control but we do need to learn what our body, mind and spirit need to begin to dig our way out of the pit. True, honest support is one of the biggest foundation pieces in working to health. People dealing with mental health issues need a strong community of support. My hope and prayer is that this blog can begin to be a place of safe and strong support.

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