The Trinity


Habakkuk 3:2

I have heard all about you, Lord.
I am filled with awe by your amazing works.


Yesterday I wrote at the end of my blog, “Bind me Lord, in the fellowship of Jesus, the Holy Spirit and You.”

Upon finishing yesterday’s blog, I rose from my computer stool, walked into my living room and began opening the curtains to reveal the new day. (Before continuing I need to tell you that I live in town in a neighborhood just a street away from a very busy road.)  Now to continue….  As I looked out my window what do my eyes see but deer across the street in my neighbor’s front yard.  They are keenly watching me as I stand transfixed looking at them.  I find my phone and attempt to take pictures through the window.  As they continue to watch me and I them, I decide I am going to go outside in my big fluffy pink bathrobe in hopes that I can get a little closer for a better picture (hoping the big pink creature does not scare them away.)

I walk ever so slowly to the edge of my property and as I draw closer I discover that what I thought were two deer are in actuality three.  Three sets of big brown eyes watching my every move.  Three sets of furry radar ears constantly in motion soaking in all sounds.  I snapped more pictures and then figured the neighborhood had enough of me in my big pink fuzzy bathrobe and headed back inside.  I no more got back in the house and walked over to my living room window and the three deer were gone, not a sight of them any where that I could see.  And then it hit me, God had answered my prayer.  God the Father, Jesus the Christ and the Holy Spirit; the Trinity.  Three deer letting me know that the Trinity is here, the Trinity is watching and listening…..that I am bound in them and with them and they have claimed me and this neighborhood for Their Kingdom.

Some may call this a stretch.  I declare it as God’s amazing care for His children.

Watch for answer to prayer.  Pay attention.  Notice the amazing things happening around you.  God is in the midst of His people!

Bless Your Heart,


2 thoughts on “The Trinity

  1. LOVE THIS! Not a stretch at all…makes sense He would use His creation to speak to us. And His natural world had been an avenue for that for you for as long as I’ve known you. …I still remember your story of the bald eagle taking flight. :0)

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