Because He Said So


Luke 5:4-5

When he had finished speaking, he said to Simon, “Now go out where it is deeper, and let down your nets to catch some fish.”  “Master,” Simon replied, “we worked hard all last night and didn’t catch a thing. But if you say so, I’ll let the nets down again.”

This morning these verses speak to me of the, sometimes, very hard work of being a Christian.

As I have mentioned, our church is going through difficulty after difficulty.  Sure the facility needs constant repair but that is small potatoes compared to the lives being threatened by cancer, heart ailments, depression, poverty, abuse and on and on the list seems to go.  We pray and pray and believe….and then more bad news, more pain, more grief, more hardship.  We work, work, work (pray, pray, pray) but our nets continue to come up empty.

I can so relate to Peter in this story from Luke.  He and his fellow fishermen had worked all day.  They were tired, worn, possibly disheartened.  All each of them wanted was a good meal and rest.  Their combined skills as seasoned fishermen had earned them bupkis, nada, zip, zilch.  And now this Jesus wants them to go out on the lake again, and not just anywhere but in the deep water where turbulence is greater.  Jeez!

Great turbulence, I know so many, too many, that are experiencing great turbulence…..they are in deep water, they have worked long and hard with nothing to show for it.  And Jesus calls them to go out again and again and again.

What blows me away by this passage of scripture is that once Jesus tells the fisherman to go out again, this time in the deep water,…..they go….without complaining.  NO complaining…not a peep!  Man, oh man, I cannot say that about myself!  Maybe that is part of the message; maybe lack of complaint reveals a great amount of trust.  Trust in the One who calls us out into the deep waters filled with cancer, heart disease, pain, grief, loneliness………….  Because He said so.  Whether our nets return empty or full, it seems as though we should go simply because Jesus the Christ told us to go.  The end result is not the contents of the nets but the contents of our hearts, spirits, minds.


The Trinity


Habakkuk 3:2

I have heard all about you, Lord.
I am filled with awe by your amazing works.


Yesterday I wrote at the end of my blog, “Bind me Lord, in the fellowship of Jesus, the Holy Spirit and You.”

Upon finishing yesterday’s blog, I rose from my computer stool, walked into my living room and began opening the curtains to reveal the new day. (Before continuing I need to tell you that I live in town in a neighborhood just a street away from a very busy road.)  Now to continue….  As I looked out my window what do my eyes see but deer across the street in my neighbor’s front yard.  They are keenly watching me as I stand transfixed looking at them.  I find my phone and attempt to take pictures through the window.  As they continue to watch me and I them, I decide I am going to go outside in my big fluffy pink bathrobe in hopes that I can get a little closer for a better picture (hoping the big pink creature does not scare them away.)

I walk ever so slowly to the edge of my property and as I draw closer I discover that what I thought were two deer are in actuality three.  Three sets of big brown eyes watching my every move.  Three sets of furry radar ears constantly in motion soaking in all sounds.  I snapped more pictures and then figured the neighborhood had enough of me in my big pink fuzzy bathrobe and headed back inside.  I no more got back in the house and walked over to my living room window and the three deer were gone, not a sight of them any where that I could see.  And then it hit me, God had answered my prayer.  God the Father, Jesus the Christ and the Holy Spirit; the Trinity.  Three deer letting me know that the Trinity is here, the Trinity is watching and listening…..that I am bound in them and with them and they have claimed me and this neighborhood for Their Kingdom.

Some may call this a stretch.  I declare it as God’s amazing care for His children.

Watch for answer to prayer.  Pay attention.  Notice the amazing things happening around you.  God is in the midst of His people!

Bless Your Heart,


Dare to Believe


Luke 1:37

“For nothing is impossible with God.”

Have you ever been afraid to believe what God has put upon your heart?  “Do I dare to believe?”……has emotionally and mentally gone through my being more times than I care to admit.  And yet here is Gabriel, the angel that stands in the presence of God, declaring that NO THING (nothing) is impossible with God.

“Oh Lord, I believe, help my unbelief.” (Mark 9:24)  

My church is being bombarded by the evil one.  It seems that with each new breath we learn of another illness, another tragedy, another assault on the people of God, another family struggle, more grief, more hardship, more pain.  We rejoice in the God of life and love; we sing His praises and more darkness continues to assail us.  Some days I am almost afraid to answer the phone because of what news may be on the other end.  I have wondered, “Lord, when will it end?”  And yet I know that my Savior lives.  I know that Jesus is King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  I know that God IS the victor.  I know there is no power greater than God.  “Oh Lord, I believe, help my unbelief.”

Gabriel, who witnesses Kingdom action first hand, tells us without hesitation that NOTHING is impossible with God.  Gabriel, who stands at the foot of the throne wrapped in the glory of God, takes messages from the very mouth of God to deliver to God’s children.

“Oh Lord, I believe, help my unbelief.”

Bind me Lord, in the fellowship of Jesus, the Holy Spirit and You.  Wrap me up in Your glory until all I see is Your Light, until all I understand is You.  Be with all believers, everywhere who are struggling with “impossibilities.”  Help the message from You through Gabriel to sink fully into our being, our soul, our heart, our spirit, our emotion, our understanding.  “God, create a pure heart in me, and make my spirit strong again.” (Psalm 51:10)

Dare to Believe




Luke 1:19

The angel answered, “I am Gabriel, I stand in the presence of God, and I have been sent to speak to you and to tell you this good news…”


This scripture is causing me to weep.  Why?  What is it that my mortal mind cannot grasp but my Spirit feels the full impact?

“I am Gabriel”……said with strength and authority.  “I stand in the presence of God”……makes my knees go weak and my mind explode.  “I have been sent”….God sends messengers; mighty messengers.  “…to tell you this”…specific message for a specific person at a specific time.

God of wonder and awe, how amazing that You discuss us with “your team”; that You will send the very ones who are able to stand in Your presence to communicate with us.  How humbling.