To the End


James 1:12

Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him.

Hello My Friends,

The last few weeks have been full of ups and downs.  I am exhausted just from feeling so many emotions.

A few days before Christmas it seemed as though Mom’s time on earth had come to completion.  She had a nasty upper respiratory infection, her coloring was awful and she was non-responsive for the most part.  We began to wrap our heads around getting ready for a funeral and left the nursing home that night with instructions to the staff to call us immediately if there was any change.  Upon entering Mom’s room the next morning, I found her sitting in her wheel chair and her eyes lit up when she saw me come into her room.  I got right in her face and said, “Mom, we were planning your funeral yesterday.”  Her reply, “Fooled ya!”  The woman is beyond amazing.

Two days later she had a nasty fall from her lift chair, the above picture does not do justice to the multicolor bruises that appeared on her forehead and around her eye.  At the age of 98 she is recovering from an upper respiratory infection, has an awful fall and does not break one bone in her body!  But, she hurts and breathing is still not coming easily.  If I was in her shoes, or hospital socks, I am sure I would give up, reach my hands to heaven and ask the good Lord to just take me now.  Not Mom.  Lying in her chair, lungs rattling, face swollen, barely able to talk, she looks at me and says in a very weak and raspy voice, “I have to get better.”  No complaints, no “I can’t do this anymore”, no whining; she just continues to persevere.  What super hero is she?!

She continues to teach me about faith and life.  Her life shouts, “Don’t give up until your time is over!  Ignore the circumstances, just persevere.”  She is ready to meet her Maker but only when He is ready to call her home.

My heart is heavy and blessed at the same time,


5 thoughts on “To the End

  1. Thank you for the update. I’m so sorry she has been sick. It doesn’t surprise me one bit that she’s got a great attitude. Please give her a squeeze for me. Gently!

  2. Love the strength people her age have and their faith. She has always been strong even when U Harry was in poor health.

  3. The God Lord is constantly using his children to teach, and show the way!! He is still using his 98 year old daughter!! and she is still obeying!! how totally amazing for His Glory!,your qhole family is so blessed by his love & presence!

  4. one footnote: with mymother in law, we too were”planning” after almost 12 hrs of her being non responsive.. she woke up. stuck her tongue out at us, and said..I’m not dead yet!!! in deed, the good Lord used her a little longer to plant more seeds

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