Waiting on the Message




O Lord, our Lord, How excellent is Your name in all the earth, Who have set Your glory above the heavens!

Psalm 8:1


Dear Friends,

There is a message that the Lord wants to give to me, to us.  I can feel it down in my bones; in the center of my being.  This afternoon I was seeing His hand in the skies; knowing that He was writing something for me to see but just not able to comprehend yet.  I am anxious to know this Word from Him.  The anticipation is as bad as being a child at Christmas time.  Seeing the beautiful packages under the tree.  Knowing that they are for me.  Knowing that something wonderful is inside, but not knowing what it is and that the time has not yet come to open them.

So we wait and we rejoice that God’s glory is above the heavens.  He is there for those who will see; for those who will look up; for those who will look beyond the boundaries of this world.  He is there longing to speak, to share, to proclaim.  So friends, let us pray for understanding, pray for vision, pray for the willingness to hear His Word and receive His Message.

Adding Aluminum Foil to My Antennas,