Live as You Were Created


They said to her, “There is no one among your relatives who has that name.”

Luke 1:61

I do believe that the world forgets that God creates; not copies, but creates.  Some of us are more “unique” than others; some of us break the mold……walk to the beat of a different drummer.

When John the Baptist was born his mother, Elizabeth, declared that the baby was to be named John.  A hush fell over the room.  What could she be saying?! No one and I mean no one, has ever been given that name in their family.  Child birth must have been too much for poor ole Elizabeth, it mashed up her brain cells; this is just not done!!!!!

What God creates the world will try to change.  My Friends, you do know that, right?  Being a Christian means being willing to live as you were created.

Who I am does not often fit in this world and that presents challenges on a daily basis.  It was much more difficult as a teen and young adult; now in my mid 50’s I am starting to grow into the creation God designed.  The days I “allow” God’s creation to shine feel beyond excellent in my spirit; deep down in my soul.  And it is wild to see those who “get” me and those who avert their eyes.  But those days also come when the me that this world and I created just doesn’t want to deal with the conflict between this world and God’s Kingdom……and I “try” to fit in…………..always a BIG mistake; failure on the horizon.

The Bible is loaded with God saying, “It ain’t easy being green”…..course that is the Sesame Street version, but you get my drift.  Being a Christian means that God has given you a name that is not in the family of this world.  Claim it, receive it, live it.  I am trying and I pray you are too.

In the Name of the One Who Creates,


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