She Believed!


“Blessed is she who has believed that what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished!”

Luke 1:45


Sad to say but I have not picked up my Bible since the last time I wrote a blog.  Let life get in the way.  All my own fault; no one to blame but me.

I have been waking up just after 4 a.m. almost every morning.  Most of the time I look at the clock and wonder why all of a sudden my body has decided to make me a very early morning person, and most days I choose to roll over and try to check a few more Z’ZZZZZZs.  BUT this morning I began to wonder if the Lord were changing me in some way for some reason and thought, “I need His Word.”  Got up, brushed me teeth (can’t read Scripture with grungy morning teeth), and sat down to read.  Not knowing exactly where to start I asked the Lord from some guidance.  I felt compelled to read the words written by a physician who spend large spans of time with Paul.  To hear how this very learned man captured and shared the life of Jesus and the days of the early church.  I desired to hear from someone who had been there.

We recently celebrated Mom’s 98th birthday!  I know I have shared about my mom before and it is time to do that again.  She is living testament of peace and grace.  I have never known my mother to doubt, to waver in her conviction of who Christ is and she possesses a bottomless depth of trust in Him.

“Blessed is she who has believed that what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished!”  Luke was retelling the greeting of Elizabeth upon Mary’s visit to her when Elizabeth was pregnant with John and Mary was pregnant with Jesus.  The Bible says that Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit and in a loud voice made the proclamation that we read in Luke 1:45.

Blessed is she who believed……….  Mom may no longer walk, forgets our names from time to time, needs help with most of her daily functions, spends large portions of the day sleeping and gazing out the window, can no longer retell her favorite stories, BUT she is blessed because she has believed and does believe.  Peace surrounds her and lives in every pore of her being.  God has accomplished what Mom has always trusted He would do; care for her and those she loves.  Mom trusts the Lord with everything.  She would often tell us that she has never had a headache….who can say such a thing?!  But it all makes sense…she trusts the Lord with all her burdens and concerns.  She allows the Lord to do His job and carry her load; that is what He promised He would do.  The wheelchair does not concern Mom because it is the Lord who carries her.  Loss of memory does not bother Mom because the Lord knows her heart and her every thought.  Forgetting her childrens’ names is of no concern because the light in her eyes upon seeing us reveals how deeply she knows us and loves us; the Lord has taught her to speak in ways the world knows not.

I may be a little long winded today but where my Mom is concerned I could go on and on about what her 98 years on this earth has declared about the Truth of God’s Word.  “Blessed is she who has believed that what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished!”

Thanks for reading,


5 thoughts on “She Believed!

    1. My mother is an amazing woman and I learn from her constantly about grace and faith in action. I am blessed. Thank you for reading and sharing it is such an encouragement.

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