In His Eyes


Ephesians 1:4

 For He chose us in Him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in His sight.

No one looks at me the way my mother does.  In her eyes I see acceptance and unconditional love.  In her eyes I see a warm and welcoming invitation to be with her; she requires nothing of me other than just be together.  I dread the day she will no longer walk this earth for many reasons.  One of those reasons being that I will never again see what I see in her eyes when she looks at me; total and complete acceptance without limitations, restrictions or requirements.

I think of that look I receive from my mom when I read the passage from Ephesians; “holy and blameless in His sight.”  The eyes of a loving parent looking into the face of their child.  In God’s eyes we are holy and blameless, something to ponder.  I look at myself and I find that so very hard to believe possible.



I remember my own adorable son and I understand.  In my eyes that little boy is holy and blameless, innocence personified, and I would defend and protect him with my life.  Just as Jesus did defend and protect us with His life upon the cross.  Jesus made a way for the vision of the Father.

From One Child to Another,


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