Carve Out Space for the Spirit



“A verbless spirituality.  This is what Daniel teaches us about God’s spirit.  Daniel doesn’t so much seek the spirit as settle into the spirit.  He doesn’t crave direct and drastic displays of the spirit’s power so much as carve out space for the expanse of the spirit in the unseen crevices of his life.  He doesn’t so much hunger for occasional outbreaks of spiritual power as for a simple life for the long haul.”

from the book Fresh Air, written by Jack Levison  (page 57)


The above passage is from a book that we are reading for the Bible Study I am currently attending.  It is the best description I have ever read or understood of the Holy Spirit in our lives.  It is not about “doing something”, but about making space for the Spirit that allows the Holy Spirit freedom in our lives.  Life is meant to be about relationships, not rules.  God created the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve so that the Lord could commune with us, walk in the garden together, be in relationship.  God’s design was not to give us rules, but relationship.

If you have never read the Book of Daniel, I would encourage you to do so.  Read for yourself about the man, Daniel.  See the way Daniel faces every challenge.  Look for the ways Daniel carves out space for the Lord in his life, in his being.

I so desire to “carve out space for the expanse of the spirit in the unseen crevices of my life.”


4 thoughts on “Carve Out Space for the Spirit

    1. Thank you, Jack. As a Bible Study we are digging into your book and finding gems. Last night was chapter three and we had grand discussion on being prepared to give “a word to the weary.” I appreciate your insights; I am being refreshed!

  1. Hi Kay:

    So good to hear from you. Please be in touch ( with any questions about Fresh Air. I’m happy to respond (and have done often). Based upon what I’ve seen of your own thoughts, you may also enjoy my Patheos blog, called spiritchatter, in which I include all sorts of thoughts about faith and life. Here’s the first one, titled, “Welcome, Black and Blue Saints:” It’s easy to subscribe.

    Again, thanks for musing on the book in such a thoughtful way. It’s heartening to know that it is prompting thoughts, such as what a word to the weary may mean.


  2. Hi Jack, I have tried to send an email but without success. The pastor leading our Bible Study has asked me to pass along a question to you from one of the attendees. Question: What grieves the Holy Spirit? The class is curious to learn your response. Thank you in advance.

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