Tossed by the Wind


1 Corinthians 1:9

God is faithful, who has called you into fellowship with his Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.

Morning All,

Sorry that I have been away from my computer once again.  I was fighting getting sick for several days and then lost the fight and have been sick for a few days now.  For me being sick is much like walking through a land mine with varying size explosives.  I sway this way and that setting off “booms!” as I move through out the day, some just grazing me, others with direct hits that create massive wounds leaving me exposed and vulnerable.  When ill I seem to toss back and forth with every thought that is suggested to my illness fogged brain.  It usually leads to darkness and struggle.

When we allow anything to toss us around it is never good and pretty dumb on our part.  Why?  God has provided us a firm foundation on which to stand and hold fast; His Word, His Son, His grace and mercy.  When sick I get absorbed in me.  I lay around feeling awful.  I just want to get better; I have little to no patience when I am ill.  I allow all of these “obstacles” to sift my focus from Him who is Almighty to my present state of being.  1 Cor 1:9 is a sight healer.  Once I was blind and now I see!  GOD IS FAITHFUL!  Even in a illness induced mind fog, I can remember that truth and this captive is once again set free!

If you are being tossed back and forth today, remember that the God who called you to His Son is faithful.  He will not leave you or the work He has begun in you.



2 thoughts on “Tossed by the Wind

  1. For me I think always of the time you and I sat together a George Shaffer’s Funeral service in our ” Sanctuary” peace I felt at that time was complete enveloping and I hope it last me till the end of this life experience. Bruce

  2. I too get impatient to feel better when I’m sick!! no patience at all. while awaiting to heal I have to trust that the Lord knew I needed rest & is sightful enough to put me down to strengthen me. whether I like it or not! by the way..great picture!

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