Sure Foundation


Psalm 102:25

In the beginning you laid the foundations of the earth,
    and the heavens are the work of your hands.


One of the first major projects done on our 100 year old house was to hire experts to raise and level the foundation of the sun porch.  It was fascinating to watch this sizable task done with innovation, extreme accuracy and machine and man power…..absolutely amazing.  The job was completed in one day and as I walked the property and examined the sun porch for changes I found that the door off of the sun porch no longer locked.  Raising and leveling the foundation had sifted the lock and its opposing insertion mechanism to the point where they no longer met and could function.

This walk of faith is much like my sun porch.  Often times we find that the foundation we are depending on and making life decisions upon is not sure, solid, has a crack, sagging, unstable.  Acknowledging our weakness is only the beginning. The next step is to decide if we want to do anything about the sinking foundation and how much are we willing to invest to correct the problem.  Okay, we realize our foundation needs to be the Lord because anything else will sink, crack, fail and so we pray for the Lord to help us align our life once again with His desire; to step away for those things, people, thoughts, beliefs, actions that weaken and destroy our foundation.  We “clean house” and ask the Lord to bring our will in line with His and that we want our lives to be built on His sure foundation.  In His great mercy and love, He does just that.  He lifts our sagging life and places us on Him, the one and only sure, solid, never sinking foundation.  Funny thing is once our foundation has been set aright we find that some things that “fit” in our life before no longer line up just like the lock on the door of my sun porch.

Putting our life on the foundation of Christ means we have to be willing for some things to change, maybe a whole lot of things.  If we had not been willing to invest in the raising and leveling our our sun porch, eventually the foundation would have sunk and shifted so that the porch itself would have fallen away from the house.  We had to be willing to deal with the changes that occurred due to having the foundation fixed in order for the house not to have a gapping hole in its side.  Too many of us walk around today with a big gapping hole in our side because our trust has been placed upon the foundation of this world instead of the only true and unchanging foundation of Almighty God, the Holy Spirit and Jesus the Christ.

God IS the sure foundation.


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