God’s Covering


Genesis 3:21

The Lord God made garments of skin for Adam and his wife and clothed them.

Here is the story.  God created paradise, placed Adam and Eve there, and God would walk in the garden with them each evening and fellowship with them.  God only made one request of them to not eat the fruit from just two specific trees.  Mind you there was an abundance of other fruit trees from which Adam and Eve could eat, so they had plenty from which to choose each day.  The crafty serpent comes and persuades Eve to eat from one of the trees that God had made off limits.  Eve does not want to be alone in her deceit so she shares the forbidden fruit with Adam.  Adam too eats fruit from the forbidden tree.  “Oops!”, Adam and Eve both say, “this feels bad, let’s go hide.”  God comes to walk in the garden that evening but something is very wrong, His friends do not run to greet Him.  Where are they, what has happened, what is different?  Of course the Lord already knows what has gone down.  I can only imagine His heartbreak that what He had provided so abundantly for His children was not enough; they allowed themselves to be led astray and now everything must change.

Here is the amazing part.  Ready?  Even in their disobedience and betrayal, God works in the mess that Adam and Eve created.  God wades through the destruction that Adam and Eve have created, sets up His sewing machine and makes them clothing.

It is so much better to never create a mess, but great comfort is found in knowing that God can and will work in any mess we may create in order to cover us and protect us.  No matter what we are His children.

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