He Seeks Us

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Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus by the will of God.   Ephesians 1:1

Above is the opening line of Paul’s letter to the church in Ephesus.  Seems rather ordinary at first and matter of fact; no mystery there.  And yet the line grabs me and draws my eyes back to it time and time again, why?

Too often this world thinks of God as way “up there”, far far removed from us and our lives….He is distant.  There is a common thought of looking for God when one nears death but for now just continuing with one’s own battle plan.  It seems to me that for many finding/having God is just too much work and a real inconvenience.

Before Paul became an apostle of Jesus, he was Saul a ruthless persecutor/killer of Christians.  Saul was zealous to purge the world of the heresy of Christianity, of those who called themselves followers of Jesus Christ.  Saul knew religion but he did not know God.  God desired for Saul to know Him.  God put Himself in Saul’s face.  God sought out Saul (You can read that wonderful account in Acts 9)

God seeks us.  Do you also see the wonder of the first verse of Ephesians?  Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus BY THE WILL OF GOD.  Saul had no interest what so ever in knowing God, but God had a desire to know Saul/Paul.  God seeks a relationship with us.  Amazing.  Awesome.  Wonderful.



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